Sunday, 19 May 2013

Units guides updated

Units guides have been updated! I have recalculated all stats again and made new tables/rankings + amended info about every unit. You can find them in Basic Guides tab or just click here: Grepolis units - everything you would like to know about them.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

It's gonna get even better!

Hello all!
Some good news. I am upgrading my calculators (checking them first to make sure again they are bug-free) and preparing them in java script. That means they should be much easier to navigate and much faster to load and calculate.

There is also a possibility that I could prepare an app for smartphones combining all my calculators and guides. It will probably have to be priced somehow, but I can promise it will be very cheap (somehow similar to the cheap apps you can get on iphone, which go for less than 1 euro).

However, I would like to know first if there are any people interested in such an app. I value my time, so please if you are interested vote in the poll below. Thanks!

*** Unfortunately some evil forces were constantly deleting votes (they were disappearing) so I decided to use a different poll app, to stop it. PLEASE VOTE AGAIN!!! ***

Would you be interested in getting my calculators and guides on your smartphone?

If you pick other, then specify in comments please.

Additionally, if you would like me to create a new tool that you think would be useful for others, please make a comment here with your suggestions. It can be a new calculator or guide or... 

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Perfect Nuke

Would you be interested in getting my calculators and guides on your smartphone? Vote Now!!!

Everything about nukes in Grepolis and their use (attack forces composition, city builds and other requirements).

Definition of a Perfect Nuke - its an attack which is going to hit your enemy so hard that he will be raging on the Grepolis forum in the next few minutes after seeing what it left him with - a battle report. It is an attack made of the same type of units, only Slingers, Horsemen, Hoplites, Light Ships or mythical units. Here is an example of a perfect nuke:

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Total War - Resources

Long conflicts in Grepolis against big or skilled players and alliances are very demanding and you will have to focus on resources to be ahead of your enemy. If you read my guides about timing waves, organising them (including my famous manoeuvre), organising and planning operations and still have trouble winning then you will have to focus on your resources and prepare for a long war.

If you cant outsmart your opponent, then you need to outlast him - endurance is the key here. You should aim to have at any moment more army units available to fight than your enemy. This will let you to have control over the war. The goal is to achieve an advantage and hold it or even increase it - without an army nobody can survive for long.

This article is an ultimate guide focusing on all types of resources in Grepolis 2.0 (materials, favour points, time). It also introduce my super Units Calculator (and full verison with Mythical Units), which I think you will really like! I also added Production Time calculator and few nice tricks that you might have not been aware of. Enjoy and leave your comments.

Monday, 30 April 2012

Ancient Greece

Ive recently added new page focusing on Ancient Greece (you can find it in the main menu tab) - ancient Greek warfare, detailed information about army units, including many great images. Its an ongoing project, so at the moment I focused on hoplites, however soon you will be able to find much more information. Now you can enjoy:

Ancient Greek warfare - short history about how the ancient Greek army developed
    • Phalanx - everything about this formation you would like to know

The Sacred Band of Theban - an inspiring "alternative" to 300 Spartan cliche

Colorful history of 300 elite soldiers who defeated Spartans on many occasions, were invincible for over 40 years and in the final battle against overwhelming forces didn't surrender and died with honor.
  • The Sacred Band of Thebes were the elite forces of the Theban army in the 4th century BC. Originally it was formed of 300 hand-picked men, all housed and trained at the city's expense in order to fight as hoplites.
  • They became, in effect, the "special forces" of Greek soldiery and the forty years of their known existence (378–338 BC) marked the pre-eminence of Thebes as a military and political power in late-classical Greece.
  • The Sacred Band under Pelopidas fought the Spartans at Tegyra in 375 BC, routing an army that was at least three times its size.
  • It was also responsible for the victory at Leuctra in 371 BC (against Spartans), called by Pausanias the most decisive battle ever fought by Greeks against Greeks.
  • Defeat of that formation came at the Battle of Chaeronea (338 BC), the decisive contest in which Philip II of Macedon, with his son Alexander, extinguished Theban hegemony.
  • Plutarch says that Alexander the Great was the "first to break the ranks of the Sacred Band of the Thebans", which have previously been seen as invincible (with help of the heavy cavalry and the novel long-speared Macedonian phalanx)
  • The Thebans of the Sacred Band held their ground, although surrounded and overwhelmed, refused to surrender and nearly all 300 fell where they stood beside their last commander, Theagenes.