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World Delta

Little about me

Delta was my world, you could find me there as G.R.O.M
I was a local leader of Disciples of Ares, ex leader of Vanguard and ex Council member of Pergamum. Vanguard merged with Pergamum to strengthen each other and so later Pergamum with DoA.

Most of my time in the past I spent on training my members, leading, organising operations and fighting in the first line. I was partly a warrior, partly a war leader. I have never organised any operations in which I didn't participate myself and most of the time I chose the hardest targets and charged first as a spearhead. 

I was ranked top 3 in Attack BPs and top 5 in BPs all while organising battlegroups, operations, leading, writing guides and participating in the forums propaganda threads. I have never been interested in conquering as many cities as possible and a lot of my conquers are trophies - they were taken from the active and strong enemy players.

  War Tales
Some of my grepo forum teasing ;) I liked the idea of making tales out of in-game events to make our grepo life a bit more colourful. Here are three things I wrote long time ago (with some funny screenshots)

 This is an old info page from my first alliance which I started with couple of guys from LoA. A sentimental trip... back in time when everything was born ;)



  1. I am surpised there are no other comments here. But THANK YOU for all the hard work that you have done here. This information gets me thinking about the whole of the game. You have out done yourself!

    1. Really nice to hear that, appreciate your positive comment!

  2. Thanks for all this guides and for useful tools links.
    I played in many grepo worlds and delta was best ever!
    Thank you again!

  3. Hey..Great Site love your Nukes :))
    I am an Old Grepo Player too.....From Zeta!

  4. I'm glad you like the site :)
    I had a great time playing and I am happy to help/inspire new and old players :)

  5. GROM! Turpitz here. Maybe you remember me from Delta. Me and some of the old guys from Delta and other worlds are starting an elite alliance on Edessa. Just opened up. We were talking about the some guys we'd love to see come out of retirement, and your name came up.

    Interested? Email me at if so.

    1. Hi Turpitz, thanks for the invitation but I must decline. With my current work and personal life I dont have time any more for almost anything. I wish you good luck - have fun!

  6. Great, interesting and fun read, I really appreciate what you have done for all of us.