Useful Tools

Here you can find the most useful tools and websites which will help you a lot during your game.

Units Calculator (Basic version) by GROM- NEW
Ultimate Units Calculator  (Full version with Mythical Units)
My calculator will show you all sort of important information - defenders weak points, attack/def ratio, resources (including population) used by both sides, will suggest the most effective nuke to break defense, estimate number of units to be used in your attack and casualties. It will not replace the ingame simulator but it is a perfect addition to it, helping you to decide which units to use for your attack or defense.

 Traveltime calculator by GROM
A spreadsheet made by me to make our life much easier. You can read more about it here. 

Atack Planner  by Wellagain
Another version of the above planner but as an online google doc. 

Production Time Calculator by GROM
It will calculate for you time of production for specified number of units + will show you a difference in production time between different levels of barrack

 The most fundamental tool for every Grepolis player. Grepolis Stats contains tools, statistics and tracking to enhance your Grepolis experience.  

Grepostats Scanner 
 A great tool scanning grepostats and telling you which players are inactive etc. Its under . Here is the info from their page:
  • Find easy targets with the free town search
  • Attack your enemy if they "sleep" with the inactive search
  • Player, alliance and island detail pages are linked about the Statistic or Search pages.
  • Many graphics about the points development and distribution
  • Many direct links into the game
  • Share your troop movements with your friends for a better organization in the Account area

Maps at which you can plan yours or your alliance conquers. You can mark each alliance or even a player with a different color. Very useful for leaders.
Building calculator
The building calculator can be used the predict the population usage and points of your future city buildings.
Units calculator
You can use the unit calculator to find out how many resources and population will be required to train a certain number of troops. For a more detailed overview on the units available, please see the Units overview.

(it will re-direct you to a grepolis forum thread, scroll down to post no39 and click on the provided there link)
Originally Posted by Faark (creator of the addon)
It is a Firefox Add-on, which makes a screenshot of a particular browser-content and uploads it to a server. With it, you can get a link to an image of one of your reports in just a few seconds.

Happy hunting!