Friday, 16 April 2010


Here I present to you the work of King Louise Assurbanipal (Polish graphic skinner) who prepared a truly amazing collection of hoplite units skins for another game. This page would take ages to load if I put them all here, so you need to click on active links to open separate pages in order to see those units. I also added some information about Spartan and Athenean army. All units and history of their regions are grouped up according to their geographical location. Enjoy!

Classical Hoplite - King Louise Assurbanipal version of a classical hoplite from Persian War

Hoplite Ekdromoi - Light Hoplite

Greek Strategos - An Ancient Greek General


Arcadia - Arcadian Hoplite + Arcadia and The Arcadian League history

Argolis - Argive Hoplite

Corinthia - Corinthian Hoplite + history of the ancient Corinth

Elis - Eleian Hoplite + short history of the town

Laconia / Sparta - Spartan Heavy Hoplite, Spartan Late Hoplite, Spartan Peleponesian War Hoplite, Spartan Officer Hoplite + History of Sparta, The organization of the Spartan army, The equipment of the Spartan hoplite.

Central Greece

Attica / Athens - Athenian Hoplite, Athenian Late Hoplite, Athenian Peleponesian War Hoplite + Organization of the Athenean army, The equipment of a hoplite

Boeotia -  Boeotian Hoplite, Theban Hoplite, Thespian Hoplite + history of Thebes and Thespiae including legendary homosexuals special forces and courtesans during war: The Sacred Band of Thebes (real 300 story) and Phryne

Euboea - Euboean Hoplite + history of the region

Locris - Locrian Hoplite

Phocis - Phocian soldier + history of the city

Taranto - Tarentine Hoplite, Tarentine Leukaspides + history of the colony

Greek Colonies and Islands

Syracuse - Syracusian Hoplite + history of this Greek colony

Rhodes - Rhodian Hoplite + history of this very interesting island

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