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War Tales and battle reports

Ooops someone forgot about biremes to protect CS and catapults will not defend well against ships - its not Gulliver Travels ;D 6 swordsmen, really?

This is not another guide. While cleaning my disk I found some old screen shots and texts which I used on different forums or just for lols so decided to post them here. There is a story behind them of course... There was alliance called The Forgotten Phoenix which at some point was as far as I remember 2nd biggest on our server. Their leaders were always keeping contacts with all alliances around and when an opportunity was on horizon they knew how to use it for their advantage. They were talking to you nicely but behind your back were making deals with other powers around when and how they gonna strike you. They were also feeding on weaker less organised alliances taking them one by one. That politic made them top alliance in the east of numbers. What statistics were not showing was their lack of "military" training. Most of the members didn't know how to fight! The biggest mistake they did (like many other alliances) was assuming that if they are on top of the grepo stats chart, they can take down our alliance which was of a similar size but with 3-4 times less members. Some leaders get very cocky if their alliance is made of hundreds of players - what they never realise is the simple fact that not numbers matter but quality of players. Same with some of their "big" fighters - yes they had 300k points but their cities were badly organised, armies weak or just wrong units built. Tactical abilities = zero, no idea about timing waves etc I could go on and on but no point now.

I was always focusing in my alliance on quality of players and was spending hours writing guides for them how to be a better fighter. Something like 10 active players in my alliance managed in few weeks to put on the knees alliance made of 300 members. After that we took in their best players just in time as we were stroked by the Forgotten Phoenix. Again 10-15 people won the war starting in our oceans first and then taking enemy ocean absolutely dominated by them (many hours away from us). The whole thing finished with me taking their leaders city located on their Wonder Island 2 oceans away from my core. Fun times ;) Anyway I'm putting here War Tales inspired by the events of that war which I wrote and posted originally on Delta forum ...

TFP leader on theirs forum after I took his city on theirs Wonder Island and renamed it ;)

If you are not interested in the story then maybe at least few battle reports that I attached will make you smile. Also by looking at these few reports you will understand what I meant in my guides by "always escort your transports with LS" or "never attack with biremes" etc ;)

Chapter One - origins of the conflict

In the far far far East of Delta evil forces of Tiberius the Proud were preparing to put an end to the civilised Western lands ruled by the wise King Fortyfour. Eastern oceans were not enough for them, they wanted the whole Delta to be drowned in darkness of their empire built on torment of local tribes.

The history of these lands (ocean 75 mainly) is not a nice tale must warn you....This God forgotten ocean gave the name to one of its first kingdoms - The Forgotten. Lack of any kind of civil law, only barbarian tribes fighting each other and dark magic rituals celebrated there were enough reason for the western civilisations to forget about this wild part of Delta. When finally big part of local population was united under rule of their new master, things started to change - first leading structures appeared. This new kingdom named itself The Forgotten.

However there was another tribe in ocean 75 - The Phoenix. These people corrupted by old gods, were known for their greed and dark rituals. The true origins of their name has little to do with attributes of the fire spirit. Phoenix - noble creature - represents everything that these tribes deny. The name Phoenix comes from rather ugly story... You see, when most people think of a TFP (The Forgotten Phoenix) headdress, the first image that comes to mind is a full phoenix-feather warbonnet. Like this typical TFP warrior:

 The most probable version says that ocean 75 was once a home for these beautiful and mystical birds. First people who settled there were obsessed with its colourful plumage and a tail of gold and scarlet. Primitive desire of local people to collect shiny things pushed them to violate the nests of these sacred creatures. Caught phoenix birds during "spiritual" and "transcendental" dark magic rituals were being killed and sacrificed in the name of some primitive gods. These barbarians believed that drinking golden birds blood will make them half-gods on earth... That blood only corrupted their souls and stunned minds, making them servants of their new god - Tiberius the Proud, the one whose feet has never stood on a battlefield but his primitive manipulations were all he needed to control already corrupted tribe members.
The slaughter of the mystical creatures led to corruption of all tribes performing these dark rituals. Once corrupted, they became greed and couldn't think of anything else than drowning the rest of the world in blood...

 The golden phoenix feathers were highly revered by these people and would only be awarded to the warrior that performed the bravest of all war deeds - War chiefs leading their men to battles, without fear of death.

On the above pictures we see typical TFP warriors charging DoA cities with only one purpose - to die for their master Tiberius the Proud. Jumping into the void is the only purpose of their life, in death they seek catharsis...

That's the source of the unbreakable ("proud") attitude, highly valued among them. After such a sacrifice (like the one pictured above) an elaborate ceremony for crowning warriors with feather headdresses would be held in which some warriors would even be painted by blood red in honor of their acts.

The Forgotten merged with Phoenix tribes in their evil crusade against the civilised cultures of the west. They wanted more and more lands, servants and shinnies. The vision of a total domination pushed these tribes to conquer everyone around with any measures acceptable. Betrayals, lies, bullying, backstabbing... everything was in TFP arsenal. Corrupted minds couldn't distinguish any more light from darkness - seeking "glory", understood as bloodshed, they were pushing more oceans into the void of war...

Local weak kingdoms out of fear subordinated to their new masters, however Disciples of Ares standing on guard of light and western civilisations was doing what it could to stop Eastern hordes from changing their land into another lost and forgotten by gods ocean....

The heart of darkness - ocean 75 war tale....

In the center of TFP empire there was a town....One would think, that there was nothing special about it and wouldnt be wrong. However that place was a witness of a huge battle - a simple town but with an extraordinary history.

When news came about general Drassel aka Kurtz, trying to take control over another city in ocean 75, GROM (DoA southern warlord) gathered a group of brave soldiers and ordered them to sail deep into enemy territory and kill all hostile troops, so the new DoA colonisation could start bringing hope to local inhabitants. Gen. Drassel has turned himself into a charismatic demigod of all the tribes surrounding his towns, and gathered vast quantities of wood, irone and stone... He induced the natives to worship him, setting up rituals and venerations worthy of a tyrant. Some strange and evil waves were pulsing from that place.

Brave soldiers sailed many days through the ocean thorned in war and the closer their destination the more horrifics things they witnessed, leaving no doubts about The Forgotten Phoenix people bestiality and addiction to black magic. The whole story will be realesed soon under the name: "TFP Apocalypse Now".

This map shows the whole journey...

When finally after many days of sailing through 2 oceans thorned in war, the adventures reached their destination they were shocked! TFP secret plan was exposed. Gen Drasel aka Kurtz was building a huge army of war machines, which would drop thousands of rocks on DoA civils, killing everyone. All the machines were misteriously signed "V1"....

Captain gathered his man and with some fear in his heart asked everyone to disembark... soldiers moved in silence but knew what responsability they had on their shoulders, that gave them wings.

Attack was sudden and devastating! 600 DoA soldiers fell but taking down 5000 TFP warriors!!!

This is the picture drawn by the batallion scribe:

TFP hordes got defeated that day - free world could take a relief breath. When warlord GROM heard about this glorious battle, he made this day a national holliday. From that day every year, citizens of all GROMs cities gather together to drink and feast, street festivals make a theatrical adaptation of the battle, woman are singing, men laughing... the name of this festival is Drasselysia.

Ocean 76 story
TFP made its move against DoA - unexpectedly they all hit with everything they were preparing for some time. However the "storm" was stopped. After first couple of weeks, they didn't move an inch forward. That was something new for TFP, as they were used to break every enemy they encountered in the matter of a week or two. They had to swollow the bitter taste of a failure. It was the first big event that turned eyes of the world at TFP and made this failure even more painful for proud leaders. They decided to spread news that it was DoA planning to attack them and their move was only a preventive act, self-defence... TFP leaders not being able to destroy DoA with the most favourite weapon they knew - physical power, had to use other weapons from their arsenal - mind control.

Their shamans started dark rituals and diplomats sent letters to all empires in the world Delta asking to attack DoA. They contacted Rainmakers (who they dared to backstab weeks before), Black empire asking to backstab DoA and many many more. They even performed voodoo ritual trying to turn The HUns and DoA against each other. Using their "Lizard Tongues" (official name for TFP diplomatic department) they unsuccesfully started to spread rumours and poison between allied empires.

DoA didn't want to wait for more eastern hordes attacks and organised a counter-attack. The most succesfull was the one in ocean 76 which belonged to TFP before the start of war (their colonies reached even ocean 77).
The last months of fights we could close in 4 phases, but it would be to much details to follow, let me just recap.

Desciples of Ares started this war with 5-10 cities in oc76, now it has 136,
controlling more than half of the ocean.

Phase one and two
In that first weeks of fights many TFP warlords fell down under a DoA spear. Among them was TFP warchief Carden (oc76 commander), niteridr, bushell, St Frank who left TFP after being "left for wolfs".

Phase three
Fallen TFP warlords: rockwizard (slaughtered)
Many towns were freed from tyranny of spartikis, JEWFisch, Aquinorius, PhoenixFire

Phase four
Fallen TFP warlords: pwlr, PhoenixFire
Aquinorius lost even more cities, also spartikis and DjordjeMace
There were also little victories to mention (like FarQ2,Paulikus,ludem,frankiexx,Siria, Njaed,    ChineseAllum)

In the last couple of weeks more TFP warlords asked for cease of fire: Aquinorius (after losing 11 cities to DoA), djordjemace (after losing 4 cities in few days), chrisphinney (atfer losing only 2) paulikus, farq2.

This was one bloody war. Mortals again turned attention of all gods, even those who you would expect to see only once after death...
There are rumors that Hades is leaving soon Underwold to meet with his brothers, Zeus and Poseidon. Apparently Charon is on strike and cant handle the workload. Who knows what might happen if Hades does leave his unseen realm to interfere with mortal races destiny...

While we speak, slaughter of TFP hordes continues... DoA general andyhill99, got 15 000 ABPs two nights ago, balourbrox 13 000 and there are many others hoping to use their armies for DoAs glory.


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    1. lol, well the style is not that great but my english is not perfect eighter, happy you liked it. Unfortunatelly for you I didnt write any more tales. These were written at the end of the war and taking their leaders city at Wonder Island was just a nail to their coffin. Shortly after that the war was over. Probably if I started writing them before and collecting reports I would make more tales but its to late now.

      When you participate in some epic server war, try to make best of it and have fun like I had ;)

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