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Units - Offensive units comparison


Attack / FS
Effectiveness of your attacking forces. This ratio focus on the power of the units and disregard costs. Attack per Farm Space (FS) - it is unit of attack strength (no matter what type it is) divided by its population cost. Because each unit requires different amount of population to be produced we have to divide their strength by population (FS) to be able to compare them. For example Cyclops attack strength = 756 and FS used is = 40, so we count Attk/FS like this: 756/40 = 18.9 (this is shown under "Land").

However, since most of our attacks will be made by sea we also need to take into account costs (in resources and population) of transport ships. As mentioned before I used here 1000 population (FS), FTS (Fast Transport Ships) with Bunks. So going back to our example of Cyclops, the calculated value is Total Attack of transported units divided by the 1000 Farm Spaces used to build ships and units. 48 FTS transporting 19 Cyclops. This is 14364 Attack divided by 1000 FS = 14.364 or 14.4 (this is shown under "Sea").

Myth units below 14 points are a bit of waste when used for attacking, especially those below 10 which are made purely for defending.

1Griffin (HW)24.624.6
13Cal. Boar (HW)9.512.5
19Divine Envoy3.85.0

(H) - Hero World unit
* I used here 1000 population (FS), FTS (Fast Transport Ships) with Bunks.

We can also compare which units are the strongest in their type of attack. In case if you want to prepare specific type of attack (after spy mission) or just to compare those units and decide which one you prefer to invest in.

Blunt Attack / FS
1Griffin (HW)24.624.6
7Divine Envoy3.85

Sharp Attack / FS
5Cal. Boar (HW)9.512.5

Distance Attack / FS
(H) - Hero World unit
* I used here 1000 population (FS), FTS (Fast Transport Ships) with Bunks.

Nukes Comparison
Table below compares all nukes presented in my guide about Nukes. Army FS, represents Farm Spaces used to build a nuke - mythical flying nukes (Harpies and Manticores) don't need ships, so more population could be used to make them (they are the strongest in the game). By manipulating city templates that I proposed, you can try your own numbers. Army+FTS shows how much population was used to build units and Fast Transport Ships.

All number are rounded up. I used 2366 FS for each group (however Manticores or Harpies used a bit less). There are slight differences in used FS for each regular nuke but I don't think they matter that much.

Land units have 2 numbers: the first one takes into account FS used for FTS (Fast Transport Ships), and the number in brackets shows no ships used (land attack on the same island). 
None of these numbers take into account FS or resources used for the escort (Light Ships).

A/FS - Attack per Farm Space.
You can see here which units provide the most attack per FS.

A/FS/SRD -  Attack per Farm Space divided by the Strongest Regular Defense.
The Strongest Regular Defense for Distance attacks is 30 (Swordsman), for Sharp 25 (Archer) and for Blunt I counted 18 (Hoplite - yes I know chariot has 19 but Hoplites are more often used).
For example a Slinger has A/FS equal 17.5 but its strongest counter unit is a Swordsman with 30 range defense (so its 17.5/30=0.6). Of course the highest number indicates the most effective unit.

Here you can see why blunt attack units are so strong. There are no regular defensive units that much their attack power, however it comes with a high price (making them quite often less efficient than Slingers - more about it later).

A/FS/AD - Attack per Farm Space divided by the average defense.
The Average Defense is a sum of 1 Swordsman, 1 Archer and 1 Hoplite defense strengths of the same type divided farther by 3. For example AD against range units will be Swordsman range def + Archer range def + Hoplite range def, so (30+12+7)/3. Of course the highest number indicates the most effective unit.

It is just an example, because I don't think everyone prepares a defense made of the same amount of Swordsmen, Archers and Hoplites. I put it there just to give you an idea how looks the effectiveness of different types of nuke against an "average" defense. "A/FS" and "A/FS/SD" could give you a wrong impression. It doesn't happen often that you hit a defense made of only Swordsmen with your Slingers nuke. On average Slingers are as strong as Horsemen.

TR/A - Total Resources per Total Attack
Efficiency of your attacking forces (how much 1 Attack cost in resources).
The smaller the number the better.
How is it calculated?
Total Resources (Wood+Rock+Silver) used to construct ships and build units divided by the Total Attack value of the transported units. Please note it only compares regular resources - Favour Points cannot be included but remember about them.

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