Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Units comparison - Main Page

Please read text below to fully understand created by me tables and rankings.

To be able to discuss effectiveness of units, we need first to set some measurable criteria. I will base them on parameters like: price of the unit in resources you need to spend for its production, farm spaces (population) the unit consumes, mythical units favour points, but also battle parameters which reflect its effectiveness in combat such as attack value which has three types: blunt, sharp or ranged and corresponding three defensive types.

As explained in other guides population cap is the main limiting factor for an army, especially at later stages of the game when players can gather big armies and stack defensive units. Player should be interested to have maximal values of attack and defense per population used by their army. This is why all criteria of presented below rankings are calculated on basis of 1 Farm Space (1 population). For example high Attack/FS value basically means that a unit is good at offense, while a high Total Defense/FS value indicates that it is a good defensive unit etc.

Since most of the battles we participate take place on a different island, we also need to take into account costs (in resources and population) of transport ships. For the purpose of this guide I have used Fast Transport Ships with Bunks technology and 1000 population. Parameters will differ if you change type of ships or not use Bunks or change number of FS (population) used but it will not change the characteristics of transported units. Therefore it does not matter which ships we use to make these calculations - units parameters will change but not their order in hierarchy.
If you want to learn more about ships and bunks please read my guide about FTS and Bunks.

In my previous version of this guide I only focused on land attacks ignoring costs of ships. Adding these costs did not change much (as explained above, units do not change after all) with the exception of flying units like Manticores, Harpies or Pegasi which climbed a bit higher on my lists.

I kept old values (those ignoring transport ships) here so you can compare them but please do not go too far with conclusions. As mentioned before, I use in my calculations FTS (Fast Transport Ships) but if I went with regular Transport Ships the values would be higher. The opposite is also true, if I used FTS without Bunks, then values would be smaller.

The bottom line is that the purpose of this guide is not to show you how strong units are when defending or assaulting in a particular situation or circumstances but to make a general overview and comparison. The only difference worth mentioning is that flying units get an advantage when you attack or support someone on a different island.

Tables and rankings of all units
  • Costs - Efficiency
    • Total Resources/FS/Attack
    • Total Resources/FS/Total Defense
    • Favor point /Attack & Favor Points /Defens
  • Efficiency & Effectiveness (work in progress)
    • Top 5 attackers
    • Top 5 defenders

Don't worry all criteria will be explained. On that basis I will then describe units and present their strong and weak points and their roles.

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