Saturday, 27 November 2010


 This is an old info page from my first alliance in Grepolis which I started with couple of guys from LoA. A sentimental trip... back in time when everything was born ;)

Online war games - feel free to play whichever role you want, even a tyrant if its what makes it enjoyable. After all its only a game so don't hide your alter ego - its the right place to let it run freely.

Born in violence, baptised in the blood of our people,
Abandoned by our elders, knowing only the War,
We follow the only path we were taught to walk.

With unbreakable Courage and Discipline,
We march ever forward, giving back to the world
The only thing we were given - destruction.

Children of the dead Legions,
War orphans embraced by Ares,
We are the Vanguard of His army.

Vanguard is a small alliance by choice, active in oceans 67, 76 and 77.
We do not expect nor show mercy.

Diplomacy by Ocean:
67: Kuebiko
76: rev087
77: G.R.O.M

Non-Aggression Pacts / Allies:
Its not your business.

We disrespect MRAs taking in all refugees and spamming us with bolts or complaints about farming their semi (non)active members. Keep your favor points for Zeus' Rage as you will need it soon. 


Want to join us? Don't even try if you don't meet the requirements:
- Speak a decent English
- Be ready to give everything for the group
- Active and aggressive in farming neighbours
- At the very least 500 BPs from attacks alone
- Be within 4 hours by bireme from one of our members.
- Be within one of our oceans of operation (67, 76 and 77)

Semper Paratus!
Victory or Death



  1. great alliance, great memories
    <3 by heartek

  2. yeah there were 20 of us :) I liked that small functional unit we used to be, ruling our part of the map. Total lack of respect to few hundred players MRAs and making diplomacy with regional "powers" like Pergamum, that was fun :)

  3. =] Ahh happy golden days.

  4. Sheye1.Mano.Negra23 January 2011 at 05:48

    I am Sheye1 from oc77
    I started playing en4 when LoA was dying and GROM recruited me and he insisted me to read many many guides, he taught me well.
    Vanguard Really Great Alliance.
    Then I merged in Pergamum with all of you and I been a short time there but very productive.
    Then I left the game because lack of time, leaving 9 polis (oc76) and 1 polis (oc77) a total of 100k points and almoust 50k attack bp.
    The end of a long trip.

    Now I am again in the wheel, World Nu, ''revolt system'' x1... New Nickname: Mano Negra.

    What an aggresive Mother F*&%er I been on Delta. Glory Days endeed.

    Bye Bye, good luck!

  5. Nice alliance info, very direct, showing you it's purpose.. unlike other crap like "Join or die"... lol

    I can see it was a PRO alliance from it's profile, well done guys.

    1. We all started in a MRA without knowing anything about the game. After a first couple of months our alliance was crashed by a smaller but much more organised Pergamum.

      While many players around were looking for another big alliance and started organising a new MRA I decided that I will not repeat the same mistake. I preferred to take a risk and organise a small but functional unit of players who were active and responsive.

      Later we had conflicts with all MRA's surrounding us but as they were all disorganised, we were able to hold our ground and even break them down eventually. Nobody was thinking about giving up. I was constantly asking to build more armies and keep attacking our enemies, constantly, without any hesitation.

      On a few occasions I was wiped out totally and had no armies. If my enemies used that chance to counter attack they would got me but it never happened... They were too concerned about our attacks. They were only able to think about not losing their beloved cities. Being too much attached to your cities is weakness. They were rebuilding walls, defensive units, Biremes, instead of just quickly gathering some offensive units and hitting me back.

      In MRAs everyone thinks only about their own butt. If you dont have guts to go all out to help your teammates you are weakening your alliance. Of course trust must be built first. This is why as a leader I was always giving an example and my units were being sent first everywhere they were needed.

      To defend one of our members, who was located in the center of an enemy ocean, I sent my last fleet of Biremes, leaving nothing for myself. We defended him, time after time (enemies were to stubborn and stupid to change a target) and finally we were able to counterattack. The guy became one of the greatest heroes of the war, taking massive amount of cities. We all stood up for him, defended him and later when cards changed we had a monster within their lines. When everything started he had like 5 cities. At the end of the war he had maybe 40. Being only a couple of hours from all targets and very active whole time, he was the best asset we had during that war.

      We became famous in our part of the map and Pergamum contacted us offering to join them. They have never before merged with any other alliance (it was against their elite profile). We agreed and strengthened Pergamum.

      MRAs were coming and going, being slowly replaced by stronger and better organised alliances. People were leaving game and after a while it was very risky to try to hold 2 oceans with only something like 10 active players so we joined another so called elite alliance. They were big and from outside looked very strong. However later we realised that they were not as great as everyone thought.

      The last chapter is our war against the 2nd biggest alliance on the sever which ruled most of the eastern Delta. Even though it was a war between the 2nd and 3rd top alliances on the server, it was won mainly due to our activity. We had almost 100 members at that time if Im correct but the war was won thanks to old Pergamum (our unit) made of maybe 10 active players.

      The morale is that you should aim high, have no respect to disorganised packs of people and play as if you were about to finish the game tomorrow. There is no place for fear. Better to lose as a warrior than to float around as a refugee.

      If you are a strong and active player, who happens to fight for the losing side, keep fighting till the end. If the enemy alliance has wise leaders, they will reach hand to you and offer cease of fire on honorable conditions. If not, then tough. You had a good run and can be proud of yourself.

  6. Used this to create my alliances profile, I tried just allowing anyone in and even inviting many players in, none are active and the alliance is damn near unenjoyable, so I ready for a change. :) I gave you credit :)

    Active in ocean 67 and all 8 surrounding oceans.
    We expect no mercy, nor shall we show it.
    But, will not go out of our way to pick on the little guy.


    Recruitment: [s]Open[/s]/[u][b]Limited[/b][/u]/[s]Closed[/s]

    Pact Acceptance: [s]Open[/s]/[s]Limited[/s]/[u][b]Closed[/b][/u]


    Allies: Our business, and ours alone.

    [u][b]For any Recruiting or Diplomacy speak to [player]Brendan77222[/player][/b][/u]


    Want to join us? Don't even try if you don't meet the requirements:
    - Speak at least basic English
    - Be ready to give everything for the group (even at the cost of your own troops)
    - Active and aggressive in participation ( especially in the forums and in helping other members)
    - At the very least 1000 BPs from attacks alone (requirement will definitely vary by size)
    - Be within 6 hours by bireme from one of our members.
    - Be within one of our oceans of operation (67 and those surrounding)

    [font=monospace]Profile structure constructed using GROM's template/ideas[/font]