Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Big fails - what can we learn?

I plan to post here the most ridiculous battle reports I get into my hands. Unfortunately I haven't saved from my wars any except one, however found some in Grepolis Forum. If you have more to share please let us know. LEARN and HAVE FUN!

  • 1) So it was one busy Bireme out there and yes - some people can be that silly

GROMs advice: Escort your transport ships with Light Ships dude and leave at least 1 Bireme protecting your city, who knows what fortune has for us... When I was dodging attacks I was also leaving 1 Bireme behind, some people can be very generous ;) I also love that he used Heroic Power but didnt think about LS lol

  • 2) Damn! and I thought its a safe place, I was hiding there few battleships as well :/ Did everyone knew about this place or only few of us? Now have to look for a new hideout

GROMs advice: DONT DO THAT lol seriously, LS cant defend; you cant see attacks heading a ghost town duh! So if you really want to "hide" your LS like this, chose a city where you can see incoming attacks but better just send them for a trip to attack enemy city or your own one when going to sleep.

  • 3) Size dont matter - 1000 little stones will always beat 100 huge ones.
GROMs advice: Catapults are not great for defending a CS or anything, nor Light Ships or Slingers...and why the hell 100 catapults??? why? Fetish?

If you have any more I will post them here so we could all learn from them :)


  1. I once got 3 CS's in one city. To bad I deleted the report.

    1. lol yeah, happened to me once to hit 2 :) also my friend was attacked by 2 CS (both in the same wave) :D Dont ask me for the reason to send 2 instead of 1, cus I really dont know :P

  2. Replies
    1. Hi, I apologize for a late reply but I was away for 3 weeks and had limited access to the internet.

      I dont have as much time as I had before and in the past I worked from home which was perfect for this game.

  3. Hi, Grom! I'm from russuan server, and your site the best that I have seen! Today night enemies sent me their CS, when I slept. But CS didn't accost, becuase them sent 301 birems before CS :)


    If they hadn't done this, the escort of the CS will be crashed to the wall :)

    Sorry for my english.

  4. Not sure if this will work, but very similar to the above